Privacy Protection Service Agreeement

This Agreement describes and regulates the Service of private contact data protection provided by the Registrar Internet Invest Ltd. dba (hereinafter Service Provider). The user of the service (hereinafter Customer) is the customer of the Registrar who registered domain names with the Registrar Internet Invest Ltd. dba

The Privacy Protection Service provides the means for hiding the actual contact information from public access via WHOIS service.


1.1. Customer of the Privacy Protection service authorize Service Provider to publish alternate contact information in the public WHOIS database for the Registrant, Administrative, Billing and Technical Contacts of the applicable domain names registered by order of the Customer.

1.2. Enabling and disabling of the Service is available through the management interface in the control panel of applicable domain name allocated in the online account of the Customer.

1.3. The service is provided:

a) free of charge and is enabled after the registration of the domain name;
b) only for the domain names registered with the Registrar Internet Invest Ltd. dba;
c) for the entire registration period of the applicable domain name.

1.4. Upon enabling of the Service, the Service Provider submits the following information to the WHOIS database:

Name: Whois privacy protection service
Organization: Internet Invest, Ltd. dba
Street: Gaidara, 50 st.
City: Kyiv
State/Province: Kyiv
Postal Code: 01033
Country: UA
Phone: +380.442010102
Fax: +380.442010100

1.5. Mail received on the postal address of the Service Provider will be scanned and forwarded to the email address of the Customer within 5 days of receipt.

1.6. Service Provider will reply the phone calls regarding the applicable domain names and will consult the caller about means of communication with the Registrant.

1.7. Service Provider will forward e-mail messages addressed to the contacts of the respective domain names. The messages, identified as spam will be discarded.

1.8. Service Provider will process abuse complaints regarding the domain names of the Customer in accordance to the Complaints Handling Policy, published on the website of the Service Provider.

1.9. Irrespective of whether Privacy Protection is enabled or not, Customers and Registrants are required to fulfill their obligations of providing true and accurate contact information as detailed in our Service Agreement.

1.10. Customer understands and agrees that the Service Provider in its sole discretion can discontinue providing Privacy Protection Service for any purpose, including but not limited to:

a) Pursuant to and applicable laws, government rules or requirements, requests of law enforcement agency;
b) In case of evidence of violation of laws, our Service Agreement, applicable rules and policies.


2.1. Customer retains all the rights and abilities of the domain name Registrant, including:

a) ability at any time to disable the Privacy Protection Service in the control panel of the respective domain names on the account of the Customer, and publish the real contact information of the domain names Registrant in WHOIS service;
b) the ability to modify the contact information and DNS settings of the respective domain name on the account of the Customer;
c) the ability to transfer the registration of the domain names or transfer the domain names to other registrar in accordance with our Service Agreement and applicable policies.


3.1. Customer has an obligation to provide and retain true and accurate contact information as detailed in our Service Agreement.

3.2. Customer obliged to use the Privacy Protection Service only for the purposes of lawful activity.

3.3. Customer will take reasonable measures to reply and resolve any conflict or issue regarding the applicable domain names after receiving requests from third parties forwarded to the Customer by the Service Provider.