Privacy Policy of Internet Service

  1. Personal information – gathering and use
  2. References
  3. Interaction with customers
  4. Official information
  5. Changes
  6. Contacts

Internet Service respects rights of its customers to private life and non-disclosure of personal information. The given Privacy Policy serves as document obligatory for execution by all employees of our Service.

Personal information – gathering and use

The process of domain names registration provides for submission of personal information about potential owner of rights to domain name. At that the data identifying the user are open and may be published in public sources (e.g. in WHOIS databases).

At the same time the data concerning issues of commercial collaboration of a customer of Internet Service and the Service itself – quantity of registered domain names, amount of payment terms and conditions of fulfillment of orders, logins and passwords for management of domain names, etc. – are confidential. This information shall not be sold / delivered to third parties under no circumstances (exclusion may be done only upon decision of a court or court of arbitration.


On the site of Internet Service may be placed banners, references and other kinds of online advertising. The directorship of thoroughly approaches to the selection of business partners, collaborating with the best resources of Ukrainian segment of the Net. At the same time we can not bear responsibility for content of information, general business practice of these resources as well as their privacy policy.

Interaction with customers

Internet Service strives for establishment of close partnership relations with our customers. To this end the contests, polls, lotteries and other interactive measures are periodically held on the site.

The data gathered in the course of such measures are confidential and may be published only with written authorization of the users that submitted such data.

Official information

Internet Service may distribute among its customers the official information about existing and new products and services, payments, technical measures, etc. At that every notification contains the option, using which the user has an opportunity to cease / suspend the reception of the given notifications.

Address bases of customers of the Service shall not be sold / delivered to third parties under no circumstances (exclusion – only upon clear and well-defined decision of a court or court of arbitration).


The given Privacy Policy shall not be definitive and may be changed and amended. The customers will be notified about all changes in Privacy Policy via e-mail or by special announcement on the homepage of the site.


Regarding all questions concerning observance of confidentiality of our users, please, do not hesitate to contact with the service center of

Tel./fax: (044) 201-0-102