Service Agreement:

The Service Agreement regulates the order of service granting by "Internet-Invest" Ltd. (hereinafter Internet-service The present Service Agreement is a Public Agreement according to Art. 633 of Civil Code of Ukraine, and has a corresponding validity.

According to Art. 642 of Civil Code of Ukraine complete and unconditional acceptance of the terms of the present Service Agreement (Public Agreement) is the fact of Registrant's payment for services and reception of the corresponding financial document confirming the fact of such payment by Internet-service

The use of services means agreement of the person registering his domain name/names (hereinafter the Registrant) with rules, terms, restrictions and other conditions of cooperation stated in the given document at the moment of service granting.

Accepting the present Service Agreement, the Registrant confirms that:

a) according to his data, neither registration of a domain name, nor the order of its use infringes the rights of intellectual property of the third parties;

b) the contact information which is given at registration of a domain name, is true and actual;

c) the contact information about Registrant can be published in Ukrainian and international services WHOIS according to the standard documents that regulate the procedure of registration of domain names;

1. Services

1.1. Internet-service renders the following services on behalf of and in the interests of the clients:

1.1.1. registration and support of domain names in the Ukrainian, international and foreign regional zones;

1.1.2. placement of Web-resources on the high-speed servers located on an industrial technical platform in Kiev;

1.1.3. technical consulting services in the field of registration of domain names and hosting (choice of a domain name, complete setting and assembly of hosting-servers, etc.);

1.1.4. representation services in the sphere of registration of domain names, settlement of domain disputes, etc.

1.2. Internet-service is a project of "Internet Invest" Ltd., acting as an official subject of legal relationships (as a payment recipient, a payer, etc.) concerning the services granted by the Internet-service.

2. Payments

2.1. Payment for the services granted by Internet-service is carried out in national currency of Ukraine according to the rate established at the moment of service rendering.

2.2. In case of non-payment or delayed payment Internet-service can stop/suspend service rendering, and does not bear any responsibility for possible consequences of such a decision/action.

2.3. Carrying out the payment, the Registrant is obliged to indicate in the payment document a service-code given by Internet-service at registration of a domain name, and identifying the ordered services.

3. Information and Its Use

3.1. Users are obliged to grant the exact and truthful information in the amount necessary for service rendering which they request/acquire. The information given by the Registrant can be published in open sources, if necessary.

3.2. Granting the inexact contact information or absence of such information on request can form the basis for suspension of registration.

4. Service Granting

4.1. Internet-service acts in the interests of the clients and aspires to rendering only high-quality services. In case of disputable situations either between the service and its client, or with participation of the third parties, we undertake all legal and ethic measures for protection of legal and ethic interests of our client.

4.2. With the purposes to protect the Registrant\'s rights to use the registered domain name, as well as for maintenance of an effective and universal procedure of registration and management of the domain names registered in various domain zones, Internet-service at registration of domain names can enter its contact essential elements into services WHOIS of managers of foreign and Ukrainian domain zones. Internet-service is obliged to change contact essential elements of a domain name in accordance with the Registrant\'s letter of enquiry after presentation of the document that identifies it.

4.3. At the same time Internet-service does not guarantee unconditional performance of the order. All rendered services are granted by a principle "as it is", the involved technical systems can include not revealed technical mistakes whose consequence is impossibility of performance of the order or its delayed performance. Besides the circumstances stipulated by the human factor, or force majeure events (force majeure), caused by social and natural cataclysms (wars, fires, flooding, revolutions, etc.) can result in impossibility of order performance or its delayed performance.

4.4. In case of impossibility of performance of the undertaken obligations due to the reasons mentioned above (excepting force majeure), Internet-service bears responsibility within the limits of the sums received from the clients as payment for services.

4.5. Internet-service does not bear and under no circumstances can bear any liability beyond the sums received from the client as payment for services of the Internet-service.

4.6. Internet-service does not bear any responsibility in case of force-majeure circumstances.

4.7. Transfer of the domain name delegated to the Registrant, to the service by other registrars is possible not later than 14 days prior to the termination of the domain name delegation.

4.8. Internet-service reserves the right to stop servicing the client WITHOUT reimbursement of service cost in the following cases:

4.8.1. regular infringement of the standard rules of network etiquette (spam, arrangement of the materials kindling ethnic/inter-confessional dissension, pornographic resources, materials on arms and drugs sale, propagation of prostitution, etc.); misleading users of the Internet, including for the purpose of unauthorized collection of personal data and/or obtaining authenticating information (phishing); placement of materials that violate copyrights and laws on protection of intellectual property;

4.8.2. ill-intentioned actions (breaking, attack, etc.), directed on the non-authorized change of the standard operating procedure of hosting-servers of service or on discredit of the Internet-service;

4.8.3. in case of a court decision, and also in other cases stipulated by the current legislation;

4.8.4. in case of due request of the competent authorities (courts, investigation bodies, Security Service of Ukraine), the contact information given by the Registrant according to item 3.1 does not allow to determine the Registrant of the domain name as well as in cases if the contact information is not authentic.

5. The Responsibility Before The Third Parties

5.1. Internet-service does not bear any responsibility for use of the domain names registered with its help, and also for the content of any materials on the sites published under such domain names or placed on servers of the Internet-service.

6. Changes and additions

6.1. The present Agreement is not final; it can be changed and added. The clients will be informed of all changes in the Service Agreement by e-mail or by a special message on the main page of the site within 30 days before such changes come into force.

7. Contacts

Concerning all the questions on the given Agreement, please, contact service-centre

Phone/fax: (044)201-01-02