How to get maximum benefit from your domain name?

Probably, you used to hear that "all worthy domain names are already occupied"? Domain names are getting longer, and it's harder to read them. How to make the address of your website easy to read and memorize?

Long names are harder to read

As soon as the allowed length of domain names has been increased from 22 to 63 characters (excluding zone expansion), the owners of Internet sites have received more opportunities. Now, you don't have to describe your online business and its principal unique features in one or two words in the domain name. Freedom of choice has become almost limitless.

For example, small companies with long names often willing to register their full name or even a slogan as a domain. Imagine the domain name of a multifunctional company:

It isn't an obvious name; it is hard to understand. Latin transliteration makes the name unreadable. It's easier to make a mistake in it, and not get to the site that is needed.

Separate words with capital letters

You can make a complicated domain name more readable by hyphens, for example, like this:

This name is easier to read. However, it is not so easy to remember and even more difficult to tell it other people. Not to mention, that the use of hyphens isn't too common in domains. And a change of domain name isn't cheap: you have to register a new domain, print new printing ads materials, change a lot of links on other sites and re-index it in search engines and directories.

Fortunately, there is a less costly way out: you can separate individual words with capital letters. The set of Latin characters immediately becomes easily legible:

Capitalization makes URLs readable both online and offline, but many users mistakenly believe that upper or lower case is important for domain names. In fact, it all depends on the configuration of the hosting server of the website. The vast majority of hosting servers are completely indifferent to the register. For example, the website will be available regardless of whether you type our address in uppercase or lowercase letters:

At the same time, the names of the website files and directories are often sensitive to the upper or lowercases. So, the URLs and will lead to completely different pages.

We strongly advise to avoid similar names at the websites, for example, by calling one pictures folder "images", and another one "Images" with the capital letter. This will confuse you and the hosting server.

Domain name and website promotion

After we have chosen an understandable and memorable domain name, let's see how we can use it to promote our site.

Think about all the emails you sent out last week. Of course, you signed it by your name and email, but does the email program include the URL of your website in the signature?

Most mail programs allow you to create digital signatures that include several lines of text and are automatically inserted at the end of each message. Use the signature every time you send an email. Newsgroups and online conferences often allow adding captions during registration and posting of messages. This may seem like an unimportant detail, however, every time you add a message to a conference or send an email, you are popularizing your site.

Do not forget about other types of advertising. Always add the URL of your site to all printed materials, as well as to all radio and television commercials. It may seem that these are quite obvious things, and everyone does it, but often it is not. During his first election campaign for the presidency of the United States in 2000, Senator John McCain drew attention to his own innovative electoral strategy. It was expressed mainly in the fact that he included the address of his site in all pre-election materials and mentioned it in all his interviews.

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