Domain management technical issues

  1. I registered the domain with another registrar. Can I manage it via

No, unfortunately, you can't. This service is available only to our customers.

However, you can transfer the domain name to us for maintenance.

  1. On what NS-servers will my domain be located? Can I change it if necessary?

By default, all domain names are registered to our system NS-servers. To improve security and reliability, we created a new DNS service for domain settings management

Pay attention, that you will be able to manage the settings of your domain even if all other services of Imena.UA are disabled. If such a situation happens, you will need to log in to under your usual login and password.

To host a site with a domain name registered in our service, it is not necessary to change the NS-server - just use the IP settings function in the Domain Management -> Domain Settings section. However, if you are sure that you need to change NS-records - there are no problems. You can apply for a change of servers in the Domain Management -> NS Servers section.

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