Where to begin?

So, you became a happy owner of your own domain name - congratulations! The next step is to choose a hosting provider, which will host your future (or current) website.

We recommend one of the most promising hosting providers in Ukraine - MiroHost.net. For more information about the benefits of this offer, see the "Hosting" section of the IMENA.ua website (or click here for a quick jump). At the same time, we do not limit our clients in choosing a hosting provider.

Your hosting provider must provide you with some information about the "location" of your website. In this case, we are interested in:

  • IP address — if the provider offers one;
  • Host — if the hosting provider does not provide IP-addresses;
  • URL — if you already have a site on a free host server, and you just need to set up the web-traffic redirect.

After you've received this information from the hosting provider, you can proceed with parameters and settings of your domain name (more precisely, the zone file that corresponds to it).

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