Complaints Handling Policy

This Policy describes the procedures of dealing with complants of abuse and violations submitted by government authorities, law enforcing agencies, legal entities, private persons (hereinafter "Complainants").

Complaint Submission Procedure

The complaints and reports of abuse should be submitted on Abuse Complaints Contacts listed in the Contacts section of our website. The language of the claim should be Ukrainian, Russian or English.

The complaint should contain:

  1. Name and contacts of the Complainant.
  2. List of domain names involved in violation or abuse.
  3. Description of violation or abuse.
  4. Documented evidence or legal documents supporting the claim.
  5. Copy of credentials in case where the Complainant represents government authority or law enforcing agency.

Complaint Handling Procedure

Complaints received on the Abuse Complaints Contacts are processed and responded within 24 hours.

Each message received on the Abuse Complaints Contacts is assigned an identification code for status tracking of complaint processing.

In case of evident abuse types like phishing, malware, scam, pornography, domains involved in such activities will be suspended immediately with following notices to registrants.

In cases of content violating international laws, legislation of Ukraine, ICANN Policies, terms of our Service Agreement, a warning message will be sent to the domain registrant. The message will contain a description of the abuse, recommended actions and response deadline. We may attach or forward the complaint with the warning message. We may ask the registrant to contact the Complainant directly to resolve the subject of the complaint. In case of no reply or unwillingness of the registrant to resolve the issue the involved domain name may be suspended.

We can not guarantee the implementation of the above mentioned actions in case of insufficient evidence of abuse or in case when we are not authorized to determine the fact of certain types of violations. In such cases we will recommend the Complainant to contact the relevant authorities such as courts, arbitration, law enforcement agencies, etc.