Centre for rare names

Imena.UA Internet Service offers you a new useful service - "Centre for Rare Names".

The main task of this service is to provide assistance to our clients in registration of rare, scarce domain names. Such names are not included into the basic Imena.UA price-list. However, if you need to register a rare domain name, you are free to apply to "Centre for Rare Names", we will be glad to assist you in individual order.

Below you can find brief information about domains proposed for registration in "Centre for Rare Names", terms and conditions for registration, as well as special e-mail address based on which you can get detailed information about registration of domain name and place the order.

Today in "Centre for Rare Names" the following domains are presented:

According to the country name - Western Europe:

According to the country name - Eastern Europe:

According to the country name - CIS countries:


According to the country name - Others:

If you did not find the concerned domain in "Centre for Rare Names", please, contact Imena.UA Service Centre (questions, wishes, proposals): (044) 201-01-02,e-mail info@imena.ua. During 24 hours we will provide you detailed information about this domain.