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Premium domain

What is a premium domain?

Premium-domain is a sonorous and short domain name, and it already has an owner who wants to sell it. The importance of this name to the acquirer determines its cost, and the premium domain price always exceeds the cost of regular registration.

The primary motive for buying a premium domain is when a potential buyer is looking for a domain name suitable for his project, but all the best options are already taken. In this case, an appropriate domain can be found in the secondary market as a premium domain. Also, in some cases, premium domains are purchased to invest and then sell with a profit after increasing the price in the future.

What domain can be considered premium?

The domain becomes the premium one when the owner puts a price much higher than the average rate for domain name registration in the corresponding domain zone. The value of such a name is determined by some factors, such as semantic properties, length, memorability, popular keywords, the availability of search links, etc.

Premium domains mainly exist in the most popular top-level domains - .COM, .NET, .ORG. These domain zones are the most common and cause the most significant confidence among Internet users. For this reason, the names in these zones are most in-demand for business projects.

What are the advantages of having a premium domain?

  • Branding: readability, memorability, suitable for traditional visual and audio advertising.
  • Better use of promotion funds both online and in traditional ads channels.
  • The convenience for the website users.
  • Trust and reputation of potential customers.

How much can a premium domain cost?

Premium domains are available on specialized trading platforms, which provide interaction between sellers and buyers and serve the purchase processes.

Typically, the domain owner specifies the cost when placing a domain for sale. The cost of each premium domain is determined individually, depending on the seller's desire, domain properties, the level of prices in the market for premium domains with similar parameters. Prices for premium domains vary in a wide range. Basically - from hundreds to tens of thousands, USD.

To decide whether to buy a premium domain at the exposed price, the buyer needs to consider all the merits that determine the domain value for him.

A premium domain is paid once. The further renewal of its registration will cost at the standard registration price. The new domain owner can service the purchased domain name from any of the registrars who provide registration and renewal services for domain names in the corresponding domain zone.

How to buy a premium domain?

The leading trading platforms (marketplaces) for the sale of domains cooperate with registrars who act as agents in the process of buying and selling. That makes the buying and selling process simple and reliable: the buyer pays the domain cost through the registrar, the registrar initiates the transaction, the trading platform receives payment and transfers the domain through the registrar to the buyer. The trading platform provides the transaction guarantees.

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How to choose a premium domain?

To select a suitable premium domain, you need to enter the desired domain name or keywords in the search form on this page. On your request, we will list the domains available for purchase with prices that meet your demand.