Prolongation of domain names

"Imena.UA" Internet Service offers its customers the service for prolonging the domain names (which have been registered through our service) after expiring the registration period.

At the moment of expiring the registration period for domain name, it will be blocked and the appropriate activities will be ceased. Therefore, your web site will discontinue the operations to its address and you will not be able to send e-mails by means of already invalid address in domain, your addressees will not be able to answer you. You will be separated from the world.

In addition, in one month your domain may be caught by your competitor or simply cyber-squatter - and only God knows how he will begin to use it.

In order to prolong the domain name it will be sufficient to pay for next registration period. The prolongation is possible for period from 1 till 10 years depending on domain area:

Ukrainian domains

1545.00 UAH/ 1 year
297.00 UAH / 1 year
288.00 UAH/ 1 year
225.00 UAH/ 1 year
264.00 UAH/ 1 year
258.00 UAH/ 1 year
159.00 - 258.00 UAH / 1 year

World domains

402.00 UAH/ 1 year
402.00 UAH/ 1 year
660.00 UAH/ 1 year

Country-specific domains

288.00 UAH/ 1 year
456.00 UAH/ 1 year
687.00 UAH/ 1 year

The payment for the following registration period could be made as follows:

While requesting for invoicing, please, indicate the period for which you need to prolong the domain.