Domains com

COM - top-level domain (gTLD). Universal domain, one of the first generic top-level domain. First the .COM domain (Commercial) was intended for a commercial organizations, but eventually a domain names registration in the domain has become absolutely free and now registration is a completely open, with no restrictions.

Buy a domain com

Registration price in the com domain — 714.00 uah/year
Renewal price in the com domain — 714.00 uah/year
Post-deletion recovery price in the com domain — 3510.00 uah

Domain zone com. Main characteristics.

Registry VeriSign, Inc.,
Domain registration (period) 1-10 years
Registration time Realtime
IDN support supported
Admissible number of character 3-63 symbols
Admissible characters A-Z, 0-9, -
WHOIS-Privacy allowed yes
DNS SEC support yes
Autorenew Grace Period 35 days after expiration date
A domain name restoration Restores are possible within 30 days upon deletion

Domains com. Frequently Asked Questions.

Who can use domain zone "com"?

A .COM can be used and registered by anyone or any corporation.

How to find if the chosen domain is free?

It is possible to check a domain name availability on our web site.

How much domain "com" registration costs?

Domain registration or prolongation in domain zone "com" will be cost 714.00 UAH per year.

Is domain registration permitted?

It is possible if this domain name is free and meets all requirements of the .COM registry.

What you need for domain registration in zone "com"?

It is necessary to place new order through our web site. The registration process will be started after your payment.

Are there any additional conditions and requirements for domain zone "com"?

There are no additional conditions and requirements.

Are there any restrictions for domain zone "com"?

No, there are no restrictions.

Do you need to have a trademark or another official documents for domain "com" registration?

Registration in .COM domain is a completely open, with no restrictions or validations required to obtain a name.