Domains fishing

A .FISHING web and email address is a great way for you to show your passion for fishing.

Buy a domain fishing

Registration price in the fishing domain — 1617.00 uah/year
Renewal price in the fishing domain — 1617.00 uah/year
Post-deletion recovery price in the fishing domain — 3951.00 uah

Domain zone fishing. Main characteristics.

Registry Minds + Machines Group Limited (LSE: MMX),
Domain registration (period) 1-10 years
Registration time Realtime
IDN support supported
Admissible number of character 1-63 symbols
Admissible characters a-z, 0-9, -
WHOIS-Privacy allowed yes
DNS SEC support yes
Autorenew Grace Period 35 days after expiration date
A domain name restoration Restoration is possible within 30 days upon deletion

Domains fishing. Frequently Asked Questions.

Who is the target customer for a .FISHING domain name?

A .FISHING domain can be used and registered by anyone or any corporation.

How to find out if the chosen domain name is free?

It is possible to check a domain name availability on our web site

How much does it cost the registration in the .FISHING domain?

Domain registration/transfer or renewal will be cost "1617.00" UAH per year.

Is a domain name registration permitted?

It is possible to register a domain name if this name is free and meets all requirements of the .FISHING registry.

What do I need to register a domain name in the .FISHING domain?

It is necessary to place a new order through our web site. The registration process will be started after your payment.

Are there any additional conditions and requirements for a .FISHING domain name?

There are no additional conditions and requirements.

Are there any restrictions for a .FISHING domain name?

No, there are no restrictions.

Do I need to have a trademark or another official documents for registration in the .FISHING domain?

Registration in the .FISHING domain is a completely open, with no restrictions or validations required to obtain a name.