How correctly to choose a domain?

1. Define the name you would like to be checked.

Name can consist of letters, digits and symbol "-". There are two options we recommend to choose domain name: 1) Domain name represents name of your company or trademark in Latin letters. For instance, for "Imena" company the best domain -,, etc. If your company name consists of several words, you can try to write them together, and if such name is taken - try to use hyphen"-".

Some searching systems analyses domain name and in this case when the name coincides with searching line, the resource is given above in positions of searching results. In this case, the hyphen is felt by searching system as a separator of words. If you do not know how to convert the translation of Russian names in translit (Russian names in Latin letters), try to use the converter.

2) Domain name represents the direction of your activities. For example:, - for cinema networks, - for poetic site, etc.

Try to avoid:

Names consisting of more than three words, e.g. -;

Ambiguity in aural perception of web-site name. First of all, it concerns the names involving the letters ё, ж, й, ї, щ, ы, ю, я. As well the transliteration and translation of the words might be different while appearing the letters х (h, kh), ц (ts, z), в (w, v), к (c, k, ck). In this case, do your best to register domains in all writing variants, if no possibility exists, register the most ordinary writing variant for your audience.

2. Determine the area where you wish to register domain.

Please, take into consideration the following recommendations:

Area: Description:
UA Elite domains for company and physical persons being as owners of certificate on trademark registration. The availability of domain in .ua area impacts positively on company image. Among domain owners -,,,, and many others. Commercial sector. It is recommended for enterprises processing into Ukrainian market. For regional companies and private persons working mainly at market of its region.
com It is recommended for commercial enterprises working at international markets and US market
ru It is recommended for companies working at Russian market

As regards rare domains you can find more in the Centre for Rare Names.

If you have no wish that domain with the same name was registered by competitors or cyber-squatters in another area, then you should protect your trademark - in advance register the domains in all areas which thematically concern your business.

For this in form of checking the domain (in the upper part of page) you should enter the chosen name, tick the concerned areas and click button "Search"