About Us

 The national registrar of domain names - Imena.UA company- is a acknowledged leader in Ukrainian market.

On having the best technological and personnel resources in the country, during 12 years the Imena.UA company holds the leading positions in Internet-service market, the range of its own proposals is getting more extended, as well as it continues to serve a great number of subscribers in Ukraine.

Starting from 2000, the Imena.UA company has regularly worked and keeps on working at upgrading and accelerating main technological procedures, thanks to which we are always ready to offer our clients the most simple, effective and reliable mechanism for registration of domain names in all domain areas of Internet networks.

At this stage the basic directions of company`s activities are as follows:

  • Registration of domain names for companies, organizations and private persons in all existing world-wide domain areas.
  • Registration of Ukrainian upper level domain .UA (in case of Customer`s availability of registered trade mark).
  • Registration of new trade mark in Patent Bureau of Ukraine by order of Customer.
  • Rendering the web-hosting services.

Each third domain name in Ukraine is registered for today by means of Imena.UA company.

Among the most important advantages for using our services:

  • The most simple and operative procedure for registering all domain names (1-2 days).
  • Offering the Customer the full-functional on-line panel for controlling own domain names.
  • Possibility for the quickest launch of Customer`s web-representation according to the principle "single window": domain registration + web-site hosting + e-mail + control + consultation + protection.
  • The around the clock server-work monitoring is supported by specialists from company.
  • The availability of nameservers, located in different subsystems and in different technical areas that provides maximal reliability of their operations.
  • Automated billing for natural and juridical persons with the possibility for payment through various payment systems (bank offices, UkrPoshta, payment cards: Visa and MasterCard, etc.)
  • The top professional level of specialists, as well as qualified technical and accountable client support by phone and e-mail.

The regular quality of our service, stability and working quickness, possibility for solving all miscellaneous matters gave us the status as a reliable partner among the largest domestic and foreign companies, a plenty of distinguished organizations in country and great number of private persons.

Working as a peculiar Internet-notaries, the experts from Imena.UA company are ready for today to effectively assist all clients no only in organization of their web-representation operations, but in solution of all issues related to the protection of their interests in Internet networks.

Registration (made by Customer) of any domain name by means of Imena.UA company is authorized by official Certificate, providing rights for using of the given domain.

We highly appreciate our client`s trust, so we will be happy to cooperate with you!