How Petcube’s Founders Rocked Up Kickstarter — And It Was Not Easy

Yaroslav Azhnyuk is a co-founder and CEO of Petcube — the first ever smart camera for pet owners which lets you watch, talk to, and play with your pet remotely from a smartphone. This gadget of Ukrainian origin appeared 4 years ago, in 2012, and it was something new when they’ve become one of the first Ukrainian teams which started a Kickstarter campaign and moved to China to work on manufacturing. Their Kickstarter campaign became a huge success and brought them $250 000 from scratch. Today, they are selling in Best Buy, Nordstrom and many other retail and online stores; and Petcube is considered to be one of the most promising gadgets for pets. However, things were not always so optimistic, says Azhnyuk. How it all started and developed — in his interview for ValleyTalks, blog about real-life stories of Silicon Valley startups:

As you can remember, we’ve previously told you about Petcube’s plans and you can read it right here >>

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