How Ukrainian Tech Companies Go Green And Help The World To Do The Same

What will power your ride in 15 years? Will it be Lithium-ion battery, hydrogen, or still diesel? But what if your bus could recharge in 15 seconds? Meet the YUNASKO team, creating the energy storage technology for the next breakthrough in green transportation. From Ukraine – for the world.

This winter YUNASKO launched new website specially for market in China and East Asian countries. At the website you can find information about their new 16V/500F and 48V/165F ultracapacitor modules designed in form factors widely used in transportation, wind power and other applications. You can also learn about the main features, specifications and advantages of YUNASKO current product line there.

Dr. Yurii Maletin, Yunasko Chief Scientist, has been invited to give a lecture at BATTERY JAPAN 2016 – 7th Int’l Rechargeable Battery Expo this spring. He told the audience about Yunasko carbon-carbon ultracapacitors and hybrid LIC devices – how the Yunasko technology can provide the superior performance in spite of using the low cost materials.

As you can see, Ukrainian companies such as YUNASKO are among pioneers in going “green”, no wonder Sir Richard Branson endorsed green-tech while visiting Ukraine in 2015:

You can compare such companies as YUNASKO to traditional oil-aimed economy of some Ukrainian regions. For over half-a-century oil was the key driver for transforming Dolyna from village into attractive city near beautiful Carpathian Montains. And for almost a decade the one of the ambitions of Dolyna’s mayor is making its economy independent from oil.

Oil from one side, and Li-Ion on the other — so what’s between? Maybe electrobikes can help? Ukrainian electric bikes startup DelFast brings 1-hour delivery to ‎Kyiv, ‎Warsaw and Almaty. More cities are coming soon. The bikes are red, the business is green. And it not only sounds great but works as well:

For electric vehicles to take off, the charging infrastructure is absolutely crucial. Meet the creators of Ukraine’s largest charging network – and learn the story of very first charing point in Lviv:

These are just a few of the examples which can be named about go-green startups in Ukraine. Though economy is tough and corruption spoils some perspectives for the companies, these ones are willing to make their way to success as well as to give Ukrainians new solutions and green technologies.

Video: Greencubator

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