«Hromadske Radio» Continues Fundraising — $20K Needed

Hromadske Radio (that means public radio in Ukrainian) is now on the air each day with two live two-hour shows that bring diverse, measured voices to millions of listeners. Your support of this campaign will make it possible for journalists, producers and engineers to continue to deliver information that is heard throughout the whole country, including in the regions that have been invaded by Russia, say representatives of this radio:

«—People in Ukraine are now doing the hard work of reforming their government institutions, building up civil society, and integrating with European and other Western markets. It is critical now that people understand the complex issues that face them each day. Hromadske Radio brings these voices and these ideas to them».

Radio journalists are raising money to fund six months of live, broadcast talk radio. The shows are called Hromadska Khvylia (Public Wave) and Na Svizhu Holovy (With a Clear Head).  Hromadska Khvylia is on the air from 9 to 11 PM seven days a week over the largest state broadcaster in Ukraine (called UR-1).  Na Svizhu Holovu is a morning show that is on the air each day from 10 AM to noon.

The money will be used to pay for the salaries of journalists, engineers and other staff. Several people have been working as volunteers to get the show on the air each day, but to grow the quantity of the programming, they need to spend more time on it and that means they need to get paid.

You will receive some very cool ‘thank you’ gifts as well as the satisfaction of knowing that you had a part in strengthening democracy in Ukraine, say representatives of the radio. Your contribution is not a one-time bit of support; your contribution will make it possible for millions of people to get the information they need today and it will build an organization that will bring news to people for many years to come.

You can support Hromadske Radio via CrowdRise today.

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