#kyivpolice — How Ukrainian police rocks on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

Maybe you don’t know, but in Ukrainian capital new police started working. It’s not just a part of reforming old ex-USSR state security system but a cultural phenomenon as well. Especially if you remember how old “militia” looked like in comparison with the brand new Kyiv city policemen.

Kyiv these days looks like a “Police Academy” playground: dozens of citizens line up “to take a selfie with a cop”.

There’s no wonder why Kyiv National Police even started its own account on Instagram. It has 2,5K subscribers now and counting, though there is no information about who’s “in charge” of this profile.

Kyiv Police also has Twitter and Facebook pages, where number of subscribers grows daily, counting 26K on the Facebook page and 5,8K — on Twitter. If you look through the content you’ll see mostly selfies, some video from accidents and crime scenes as well as screens from different social networks — and they all are about Kyiv Police of course.

Looks like Ukrainian policemen (and policewomen) will be as popular as Iceland ones are. And it’s hard to resist if you got busted:

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