Digital Bee will provide PR abroad for Ukrainian startups

A well-known investment company Digital Future started a digital marketing agency to promote Ukrainian startups on the foreign markets.

The Digital Bee agency is ready to work with large clients with budgets of up to $ 500K per year, with start-ups and on the conditions of “Smart-Money” model (providing marketing services for a stake in the business).

According to the founder and CEO of Digital Future Olexiy Vitchenko, the investment company has recently received lots of requests from colleagues with a request to advise, assist and even take over the PR work.

In addition, Digital Future works at the pool of startups which need good marketing services. Thus was born the idea of ​​creating Digital Bee.

Yet some digital PR cases in Ukraine rocked up without any agencies: just look at Kyiv new police on Instagram and Facebook where it nearly rocked the newsfeeds up via viral photos and videos.

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