Ukrainian Startups Have an Opportunity To Develop Their Own Media Approach Strategy For Abroad

Andrii Degeler, Ukrainian journalist, working with TNW and several foreign IT media sources as well as Ukrainian ones, came out with an idea that it’s the founders who should talk to the media — and there should be a tool to make it in an effective way:

«—Over the recent years, I’ve often seen founders looking for advice on how and to whom they should pitch their startup’s story. What’s worse, I saw even more founders doing it all wrong, from spamming awkwardly written press releases to paying a fortune to a PR agency that wouldn’t understand their business and its needs anyway.

While getting things right in talking to media looks fairly simple and straightforward, it actually takes time and quite a bit of research. The problem, however, is that founders of early stage startups have an awful lot on their plate».

That’s the reason why Andrii started ProCEEd > Consultancy, a new project where founders can get all sorts of advice on media approach strategy. This can help Ukrainian startups in several directions:

  • Identify the best story angles you can pitch journalists with.
  • Put together a list of publications relevant for your story and journalists you should talk to.
  • Identify the data and expertise possessed by your startup that can be leveraged and used to build up stories for media.
  • High-level content strategy planning: stories for media, starting a blog of your own, conference appearances, columns, guest posts etc.
  • All this can be packaged into one report that I’ll write after talking to the founder(s) and digging around for the best ideas.

Simply speaking, what you get from working with ProCEEd > Consultancy is a ready-to-implement media approach strategy together with a set of guidelines on how to make the most out of it. For getting more information feel free to contact

Source: ProCEEd

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