Ukrainian medical startup Vitagramma goes East — it launches Indian version

Ukrainian online business pays more attention to the Asian markets as a potential area for growth. Recently, medical service Vitagramma from Ukraine has signed an agreement with Indian Thyrocare, which is in the TOP-5 of medical laboratories, and thus entered the market in India.

According to the cofounder and CEO Dmitry Gyk, the project can get up to $500K in the first year of operation.

In 2007 Dmitry created and then developed and sold highly targeted pharmaceutical startup Then he met Valentin Pertsya — well-known Ukrainian marketer. Together they came up with the idea of Vitagramma. It’s an online service which keeps medical test results and other diagnostic data, which can later be used for laboratory research or by patients and doctors. The service works on a subscription base offering services for returning customers (for example, SMS-reminder of the delivery of analysis results etc.).

Service was founded in the autumn of 2012 and in a short period it managed to sign a deal with the network of laboratories “Synevo”. Now the company is profitable, but all profits are reinvested in the development by the cofounders. Vitagramma has 2,2 mln users from Ukraine.

When the idea came to develop new markets, founders decided to select among the growing economies like India, Brazil and China, Nigeria and even South-East Asia. India was chosen because it has 1.3 bln population, the crazy growth of GDP and can bring up to 10.8 mln subscriptions in the first year, says Vitagramma CEO.

Making scientific services and inventions is a good tradition for Ukraine. Recently we’ve told you a story about famous scientists and inventors from Ukraine.

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