“Five o’clock” — from high-tech in army to smart home from Ukraine

It’s time for reviewing some tech news from Ukraine in our daily “Five o’clock” digest.

The first announcement of the day is about UA50 project. Ukrainian businessmen who live in the US decided to help startups from Ukraine to make their way into Silicon Valley. That’s the reason why they started ua50.org — and they’ll help startups for free (if they are from Ukraine, of course).

If you going to make some PR for your startup, writing a good text is an obligatory option. This weekend Serhiy Didkovsky, PR-strategist in “Olshansky and partners”, will hold a seminar for those who want to make proper texts with reasonable and memorable messages in them.

War between Russia and Ukraine lasts for almost a year. Volunteers and army as well as scientists joined their forces to make unique solutions for combat tasks, monitoring and protection of civilians as well as troops. We’ve made a list of the most interesting projects for Ukrainian army which involves IT, med-tech and high-tech for military tasks.

Army and strategic guards are not the only field of research and investment for modern Ukraine. Ukrainian startup Ajax Systems got $1 mln from SMRK for developing a set of gadgets for smart-home system. It’s the first investment into Ukrainian project for SMRK. Investors hope that gadgets for smart home, designed by Ukrainian entrepreneurs, will be a huge success on the IoT market (by the way, Ajax Systems promises up to 40 gadgets till 2016).

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