Ukrainian MailTo app tries to take on Google Inbox or WhatsApp or both

Team of I.UA ex-founders Maxim Khomutin, Denys Mysko, Vitaly Khranyvsky and Yaroslav Slobodyanyuk started beta-testing of their new mobile app called MailTo.

They say it’s rather a platform than a standalone app — and it includes email, file storage and messages. Founders of this Ukrainian startup consider combining several communication tools in one app to be is a good solution (though there is Google Inbox for that).

Ukrainian MailTo app tries to take on Google Inbox or WhatsApp or both

It looks like “WahtsApp on steroids” with a file exchanging in it: you get your own email while registering via your phone number — something like «your-phone-number» By December we can also expect additional email services support, text and voice messaging, video mails and file storage space as well as secured connection and corporate email services.

There is no clear info about how it all will be combined as well as about investors of this Ukrainian startup.

MailTo is made locally but aims globally: now the team is looking for partners and possibilities abroad. And remember: there’s already one competitor for Google Inbox from Ukraine — it’s Spark app.

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