from Ukraine turns into and goes for foreign customers

Team of Ukrainian startup, which now participates Boston incubator program TechStars, actively works on getting access to foreign markets. The Russian-pronounced name of the startup is changed to

Those plans were recently confirmed to Ukrainian website AIN.UA by Alexander Olshansky, one of the key investors and a member of the Board of Directors of According to him, the decision about which market abroad to select for CartFresh will be held by the Board of Directors this fall. Now the team is in talks with many potential partners, including ones from the US, India and Europe. There is even an offer from China for Ukrainian startup.

Basically the business model of this startup will be similar to the one which is working good for Ukrainian market. It’s online order and delivery of products from the supermarket. It may have its own specific features in certain countries, e.g.: in the United States differently arranged logistic service will be implemented, in India the whole targeting will be with taking vegetarian diet of local citizens into account etc.

According to Olshansky, CartFresh has enough funding for these activities, Series B is in the plans, but in the foreseeable future a question of attracting new investment is not the point.

September, 2014 was a period when the startup raised a round 2.5 mln UAH from Chernovetskiy Investment Group. was founded in 2010 by Yegor Anchishkin who stood at the origins of the famous project Viewdle, allowing you to search for videos and recognize faces in images. The first investor of was Alexander Olshansky, President of Internet Invest (Imena.UA,

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