“Five o’clock” — Green-tech in Ukraine, what to start in SEO with and other news

It’s 5 PM again, and it means it’s time for our “Five o’clock” digest. Let’s look at the news of the beginning of this week.

Activists and entrepreneurs showed new concept of eco-park in Kyiv. This unique project will be the first in Ukraine, and it’ll include solar panels for street lights, batteries and bike generators to power up smartphones and some other “green”-tech options. The main task of this project is to teach Kyiv inhabitants to use “green” energy and be responsible for urban life surrounding.

“Si vis pacem, para bellum” — that’s the reason why military tech is as important as “green” one. “Reform”, company from Kyiv, showed its new truck for special army forces called “Godzilla”. It can carry up to 18 soldiers and is protected against common sniper rifles and fire weapons.

Cyber security in Ukraine also shows its new achievements — special interconnected mobile communication. Our journalist was at that presentation and made a report about it.

Last weekend was also a sad one: famous Ukrainian scientist and activist Leonid Plushch died in France. We’ve made a brief lifestory about him.

From sad news — to good ones: SEO-experts and online marketers will gather in June in Odessa, Southern Ukraine. What to expect and how to become a pro in SEO — this is a main topic of our interview with Yuri Titkov, Business Development Director at “Olshansky and partners”.

Ukraine also has a good time for new media projects about art, music, culture, literature and city life. We gathered 10 the most remarkable examples of such new online media telling more about our country.

Meanwhile Ukrainian users are going to sue Mark Zuckerberg: they say Facebook continues blocking their profiles without any reason, and they are ready to go to court to fight against political discrimination which has become a regular practice for Ireland Facebook office (as they say).

If you’re in Kyiv for the first time this hot summer, the next announcement is for you. Kyiv local city service now shows a map of natural water sources187 pump rooms are located on this online map.

And some more “green” news for a final announcement: EnergyTorrent / Greencubator teams invite you to join SunnyDay in Kyiv, June 10. It’s an event about renewable energy sources, so it’s worth visiting if you are a fan of solar, wind energy or both.

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