100M views on YouTube for Rozetka.ua, Ukrainian energy-efficient house and other news

Final digest this week for a cup of tea, or coffee, or maybe a shot-drink (because it’s Friday evening in Kyiv already) — it’s “Five o’clock”, daily digest about Ukrainian tech news.

Chief editor of Rozetka.UA online store Olexiy Taranenko declared that their YouTube-channel got 100 mln views as to June 12, 2015. And it’s a huge number for Ukrainian e-commerce.

AR-development company Augmented Pixels, started by former Ukrainians, released 4DCityscape National Geographic Ancient Civilizations app. It’s a free iPhone / iPad app for kids to study ancient history with the help of AR and puzzles.

Ukrainian government may change some laws and make severe restrictions for social media users who write a lot about army and its location in the counter-terrorist operation’s region as well as about possible routes, personnel, equipment, weapons and strategic moves in that area etc.

The President of Ukraine got a re-designed website. It has a new color, new structure, buttons, links and social media accounts as well as Twitter stream, Instagram official account, photo and video archives and looks more like a blog than a dull official government website. And besides you can follow the reforms in Ukraine online as well as make a report or a request to the Administration of the Ukrainian president.

While politicians do their job, inventors and engineers do theirs. The first Ukrainian energy-efficient house called OptimaHouse is built by experts from Ukraine and Belarus.

Meanwhile in Kharkiv a summer school of robotic sciences and modelling is opened. Kids aged 8-13 can learn how to make robots on the Adruino platform and build their own small solar and wind energy stations.

And grown-ups in Ukraine can now participate in co-operative programs so that alternative sources of energy where not for making models and prototypes only but for starting making real solar and wind energy for own use and for sale.

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