From AN-178 to solar energy in Zakarpattya, BankID services in Lviv and “Ukrainian Gears”

“Five o’clock” digest is here again — let’s look at the most interesting tech topics from Ukraine this Monday.

Standalone sun-energy stations — new trend in Zakarpattya. This technology helps providing electricity for the most remote farming and agricultural districts of Western Ukraine.

“Antonov” Constructing Buro showed its new aircraftAN-178, which can be used in military air forces as well as for civil purposes.

Ukrainian activists together with Estonian experts started a new online-platform called “XabarDocs”. It must help fighting corruption and bribes in Ukraine working incognito with journalists and “whistleblowers”.

9 months ago Ukrainian startup Ritot made a spectacular promo-campaign for Indiegogo. Do we have a ready-made working prototype of the first smart-watch with in-built projector? We tried to look through the key proccesses and aspects of Ritot’s team work in the following 9 months after they’ve got $1,6M from Indiegogo “backers”.

While some Ukrainians experiment with gadgets, Ukrainian engineers show serious “toys”aircrafts and air technologies in France. It’s a good time to make new deals with those countries where aircrafts are necessary.

If you’re tired of LEGO and traditional interactive toys, you’ll definitely like the story of “Ukrainian Gears”the first mechanical puzzle from Ukraine which can move, drive and interact with an owner. And it’s made of wood, not of a cheap Chinese “something”.

And final news for today came from Lviv, where beta-version of BankID services started working. Now all the citizens in Lviv can use 4 online e-government services, but developers promise to roll out some more options in the nearest future.

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